Vision & Philosophy

The Vision and Philosophy

IDEAL believes that an artist is present and alive in every individual.

It is the exposure, opportunity and nurturing which is important for an artist to take shape and blossom. ‘Learning by doing’ is the hallmark of its training approach.

Each student is therefore, encouraged to learn at his/her pace with individual attention from the faculty.

 The vision, that led to the birth of IDEAL, is

  • To create a platform to build awareness, spread knowledge, develop skills, and inculcate appreciation of arts in different media
  • To promote the spirit of sharing, exchanging and growing together
  • To create a community of artists of new age media committed to spreading the new art forms, recognizing that the world is a big enough place with room for all to grow
  • To use art as a marketable skill, to generate income and become independent entrepreneurs
  • To, create a large market which can be catered to by home studios, making it a very viable option for those who want to work independently as well