IDEAL Kids Programmes

(Two Year Programme)

In 2004-05 the Institute launched an imaginative programme called IDEAL KIDS, for children.

The criteria for selection are the talent and creativity level of the child.

The IDEAL Kids programme deals with kids between 10 and 16 years of age. These are children who are exceptionally talented and are willing to forego free hours for Arts sake. Voluntarily.

It provides a basic study of Fine Art over the two years.

The Art History module for the IDEAL Kids is tailored to their needs.

It is in story form and highlights the human and idiosyncratic side of the artists along with more serious study. It serves to make the study of the artist more appealing and therefore their work is viewed with more interest by the student.


(Two Year Programme)

A two years programme is offered as an extension to the IDEAL KIDS (Basic) programme. Along with the regular course it also includes computer graphics and character animation.