Wood Design

Diploma Programme of 18 months (12 + 6 months)

IDEAL is the only Institute in the country conducting programmes in Wood Structural Usage, Ornamentation and Design.

The programme is in modular form and the student enters the programme after completing the IDEAL Foundation.

It follows a system of project based study.


The programme is designed to introduce the student to the richness of the art forms available in wood. They are encouraged to design and produce products rich in variety and texture. Furniture, doors, pannelling, objects of everyday use and of art is produced at the Institute using the ancient arts of various cultures.

The Idealists are in great demand by architects and interior designers and by industry. In addition they are in demand for their skills and potential as educators.

Programme Content

  • Understanding wood (natural and manmade woods)
  • Principles of Joinery and their application.
  • Product Design and application.
  • Lacquer work and its application on product.
  • Decoupage and its application on product.
  • Pyrography and its application.
  • Mother of Pearl Inlay and its application.