Glass Design

Diploma Programmes: Glass (Structural and Ornamental Glass Design)

Diploma Programme of 18 months (12 + 6 months)

Project based system of study.

IDEAL being the only Institute in the country that offers these programmes, it gives us the added privilege of being in a position to impart quality education in an area of which we are the pioneers in India.

IDEAL has had the pleasure of employing many of the past students as faculty.


This 12 month programme aims at imparting a high level of practical, technical and design skills in the new media of Glass, Structural Usage, Ornamentation & Design. The programme is composed of modules each of which the student enters according to individual aptitude, ability and mind set.

Programme Content

  • Introduction to Glass,
  • Composition, qualities, market,
  • Glass staining, Cold/ Warm and its application.
  • Stained glass and its application,
  • Glass jewellery making,
  • Lamp making,
  • Engraving and its application.
  • Engraving with acid / sandblasting,
  • Glass Fusing,
  • Glass slumping/molding,
  • Product Design, involving the creation of products both in two dimensional and three dimensional form.

Students are expected to test product practicality (of design, structure and application.)