Fabric Design

Diploma Programme of 18 months (12 + 6 months)  

The Fabric diploma programme at IDEAL is designed to expose the student to both the world of Fashion and that of Soft Furnishings, to enable them to relate their skills to an interior design context as well.


It is an intensive programme that introduces the student to the intricacies of working with different fabrics.

It exposes the student to basic and advanced techniques of fabric processing using cold and hot dyeing techniques using both natural and chemical dyeing processes.

The programme also employs several hand dyeing techniques and includes block printing, screen development and printing techniques.

Programme Content (The programme is divided into two main streams)


  • Garment Construction & Draping
  • Pattern making
  • Dyeing & Processing module
  • Fashion Illustration & Portfolio Design

Soft Furnishings                 

  • Home furnishing design and construction
  • Introduction to basic cutting and assembly of products
  • Project design and interior design.
  • The student completes the program by presenting both a Garment line and a Home Furnishing one.