The Market

Design is one of the many forms of art. This form has truly come of age. In India the new economic boom has changed the way people view their needs.

  • It has redefined the middle class.
  • The line between ‘luxury’ and ‘necessity’ is now blurred. Products once considered luxury items are now considered necessities. An example is the way people are investing in decorating their homes both, old and new.
  • The demand for Art pieces in Glass/ Wood /Fabric/ Metal / Terracotta etc. has suddenly gone up and is still going up.
  • People are looking for new ways to furnish residences, offices, hotels, Institutions etc.
  • There is a fast growing clientele for artfully designed Doors, Partitions, Dividers, Pelmets, Wall claddings, panneling, tables, chairs, other articles of furniture, as well as soft furnishings and apparels
  • Our students are already addressing this need through their studios.
  • There is also a large export market for such products.
  • The NRI market alone offers attractive possibilities.
  • A large number of the NRI’s prefer to have the interiors of their homes / offices accessorised from India because it is more economical, and the designer is more sensitive to the clients’ requirement, as well as to any social and cultural nuances that may exist.