IDEAL offers an unbeatable mix of theory and practical work in these media.


Right from its inception, IDEAL has set before itself the following principal objectives:


  • To impart an education in the new age media of Glass, Wood, Fabric.
  • To demonstrate the application and use of different media like glass, wood, fabric, clay, canvas, and metal in both exterior and interior design contexts.
  • To impart ‘hands-on’ project-based education with adequate flexibility to accommodate students with time constraints.
  • To promote and encourage creativity and originality in design.
  • To develop the capacity to visualise and conceptualise along with honing technical skills.
  • To provide a platform for creativity while ensuring commercial viability with the highest quality.
  • To develop educationists to promote the application of design in glass, wood, and fabric & other media.
  • To collaborate, wherever possible, with other organizations and Institutions having similar aims as IDEAL.