These programs differ from the regular semesters in terms of structure, approach and content. The key words that capture the spirit of SWS are experiment, variety and innovation.

They explore emerging areas, provide space to test new ideas and methods, facilitate in situ experience, help understand critical sites and situations, and create opportunities to learn by making. The courses in SWS are intense and are for short durations of between two to four weeks.

The hallmark of the SWS is the enriching variety. They achieve it by offering courses that cover a wide range of topics and issues and creating a diverse learning group by inviting students from other colleges to apply for the courses. The intellectual environment is also enriched by bringing in potential professionals, academicians, artists, and experts from across the country and abroad to teach. To attract more resource people from outside and to make it convenient, the SWS encourages CEPT faculty to host courses with them. In such cases, the university teaching staff has a major role in administering the courses.

Faculty members help students understand the nature and orientation of the courses and enable them to make well-informed choices. To achieve this, they explicitly state the objectives, mode of teaching or working, and learning outcomes of the courses. In the previous SWS, students have favored workshop sessions, activities that are installation oriented and those which require travel; and opportunities that provide acquisition of specific skills. In the coming years, this pallet would be expanded by offering more courses that will intellectually stimulate, involve multi-sensorial learning, focus on specialized processes and impart skills.

The SWS are unique opportunities to expand horizons of learning, interact with a large group of enthusiastic and talented students, practitioners and academicians, and showcase CEPT academic initiatives. Open to students from varied backgrounds, the courses become dynamic and rich multicultural learning environments. In the years to come, programs will explore more avenues and grow in strength.

for more information visit : https://sws.cept.ac.in/about 


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